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Nigeria records highest daily cases of Covid-19 in 5 months

The last time Nigeria recorded over 675 cases of Covid-19 was 1st of July 2020.



The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, on Thursday, announced that 675 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 6 deaths were recorded in Nigeria, taking the total tally to 71,344 confirmed cases and 1,190 deaths, year to date.

This represents the highest number of daily cases recorded in over 5 months. The last time Nigeria recorded this much was on the 1st of July 2020, when 790 cases and 13 deaths were recorded.

Second wave of the pandemic

The recent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases is alarming and a call for immediate action. So far in December, the average monthly cases jumped by 141.5% from an average of 157 cases recorded in November to stand at 379 cases.

  • Compared to an average of 129 cases recorded in October, it grew by over 193% in December.
  • Our source had reported in October, that the spike in new cases suggested a looming second wave of the pandemic. However, it is safe to say that Nigeria has slipped into the second wave of the pandemic.
  • In the past 10 days, Nigeria has recorded 3,787 new cases of the disease, which is 80.5% of the total 4,704 cases recorded in the month of November.

What you should know

  • A survey carried out by Our source Research in September, revealed that Nigerians have abandoned the use of face masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing practices as they go about their daily businesses.
  • According to the report, most traders and artisans believed the virus was no longer a threat considering the reduction in the daily number of cases, while some believed there was no Covid-19 in Nigeria in the first place.
  • Recall, that the Nigerian government closed some isolation centres across the country due to lack of patients and a significant decline in the  number of cases.
  • A surge in the daily cases could prompt the reopening of these isolation centres as the number of cases in admission has grown from 3,102 as at 30th December to 4,680 on Thursday, representing over 50% increase in 10 days.
  • The discovery of a Covid-19 vaccine has seen many take the pandemic as a mere sickness that can be easily treated, which has reduced the fear of disease nationwide.
  • Stories of reputable footballers and world leaders recovering from the disease has also caused most Nigerians to show laxity towards the precautionary measures against the disease, hence flouting health directives.

Nigeria currently stands 9th on the list of African Countries with highest cases of Covid-19 with South Africa leading at 836,764 cases year to date.

  • One would think that Nigeria is lucky from the outrage of the pandemic. However, information gathered by our source research showed that Nigeria’s number of tests in relation to our population is below expectation.
  • According to the NCDC, the total tests carried out in Nigeria is 829,743 as at 10th December 2020, standing sixth on the African list behind Kenya (945.7 thousand) and Egypt (1 million).
  • Notably in terms of tests per 1 million population, Nigeria stands at 44th position with just an average of 3,982 tests nationwide.
  • This is a clear indication of inadequacies in the number of tests carried out in the country, which could affect the Nation from seeing the clear picture.

What this means

A second wave of the pandemic could push Nigeria into another round of lockdown, which would propel a range of chain reactions.

  • Affecting the nation’s recovery process from economic recession
  • An already escalated inflation rate could only get worse.
  • Fear and unrest, amongst the Nigerian populace, leading to chaos.


The only way to fight against the pandemic is for every member of the Nigerian community to see it as an immediate threat that requires immediate and continuous action, by taking adequate precautions and practice good health hygiene.

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Covid:19 WHO says wealthy countries are undermining COVAX vaccine initiative

WHO DG has said that the deal between rich countries and vaccine manufacturers is undermining its COVAX initiative.



The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has said that the deal between high-income countries and manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccine are undermining its COVAX initiative by reducing the number of doses it can purchase.

This is as he pleads with rich countries to check before ordering additional Covid-19 vaccine shots for themselves whether that undermines efforts to get vaccine shots to poorer nations.

According to a report from Al Jazeera, this was disclosed by the WHO boss after talks with German President, Walter Steinmeier

Wealthy nations have snapped up several billion vaccine doses and some countries have ordered enough shots to vaccinate their populations more than once, while some countries in the developing world have little or none.

Tedros said that these actions by the rich countries have even led to the reduction of the amount that was allocated to COVAX, although he did not mention the names of the countries involved or provide other details.

He harped on the need for the rich countries to cooperate in respecting the deals that COVAX has with the manufacturers and make sure before they seek more vaccines that their requests do not undermine those deals.

Tedros said, “But I don’t think they’re asking that question.’’

Tedros, who has earlier warned that the world faces a catastrophic moral failure if Covid-19 vaccines are not distributed fairly, said he understands the political pressures leaders in high-income countries face.

He said, “If this virus is not defeated everywhere, we cannot defeat it globally. It will have a safe haven somewhere and can strike back.’’

He added that countries left behind in vaccinating could also become breeding grounds for new variants.

He also called for the stepping up of vaccine production because with increased production, there will be more vaccines available, then there is a better volume to share.

What you should know

  • The WHO has kicked against vaccine nationalism, which they said will prolong the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A successful global vaccination campaign is considered to be key to stemming the pandemic.
  • This led to the launching of the WHO-backed COVAX initiative to ensure equitable distribution of the coronavirus vaccine across the globe, especially among the poorer countries.
  • European nations have given financial support to the UN-backed COVAX scheme, which aims to get vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable people and are considering sharing some of their own doses, though they have not specified when.
  • On Friday, leaders of the Group of Seven industrial powers said they would accelerate global vaccine development and deployment and support “affordable and equitable access to vaccines” and treatments for COVID-19.

They cited a collective $7.5bn from the G7 to UN-backed efforts.

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COVID-19: 4 million doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine to arrive in Nigeria soon

The NPHCDA has disclosed that 4 million out of the expected 16million doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine will soon arrive in Nigeria.



The CEO of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr. Faisal Shuaib has stated that the first batch of the 4 million AstraZeneca vaccines is set to arrive Nigeria.

This was disclosed in a social media statement by the FG on Monday evening.

“As of today, Purchase Orders have been raised by UNICEF Supply Division for the Astrazeneca vaccine. Under normal circumstances, with routine immunization vaccines, it takes 2 weeks from when the Purchase Order is raised to when we receive the vaccine in Nigeria,” Dr. Shuaib said.

He added that the process order would be fastened to ensure availability in a week.

“However, because this is an emergency situation, we have been informed by UNICEF that this process will be fast-tracked to potentially ensure the vaccines arrive Nigeria within 1 week. As soon as we receive confirmation on date of arrival, we’ll inform Nigerians.

“We have also been informed that 4 million out of the 16million doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in the first batch of supplies to the country,” he added.

What you should know 

Recall It was reported earlier this month that the NPHCDA said Nigeria is no longer expecting the 100,000 doses of the Pfizer/BIONtech vaccine through the COVAX facility but has been allocated about 16 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  • Fayemi had earlier revealed that about 80 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines will soon be made available in the country, to immunize 40% of the Nigerian population this year.
  • The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, had earlier announced that the first batch of 15 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines, which is from AstraZeneca under the COVAX programme, is expected to be available from February.
  • This is coming after the African Union (AU)’s African Vaccines had allocated 42 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to Nigeria.
  • Also, the Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Faisal Shuaib, said the Nigerian government expected over 41 million vaccines from the African Union before the end of April, as it also expected to source vaccines from India and Russia.
  • The Federal Government had earlier announced that Nigeria was about to receive 1.4 million doses of vaccines donated by MTN.
  • The UK Government has revealed that the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) had announced that Nigeria would be one of the first countries to receive 16 million free doses of Covid-19 vaccines through the COVAX Global Vaccines Facility.
  • BUA Group revealed that it had purchased a million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines for Nigeria, with delivery to be made soon.
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Lagos moves against false Covid-19 PCR test results, deploys verification platform

The Lagos State Government has frowned at the falsification of Covid-19 PCR test results, warning to prosecute anyone found to be involved.



The Lagos State Government has moved against the falsification of Covid-19 PCR test results as it has deployed a verification platform to validate the authenticity of COVID-19 PCR tests done within the Private Laboratory Consortium and all State Public laboratories for outbound flights.

This is as the state government stated that the platform can be accessed through an App and the use of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data-codes).

This was disclosed through a public statement by the Lagos State Government and seen by Themoneymetrics.

The state government stated that the USSD option, which is available on all networks in Nigeria, can also be accessed outside of Nigeria as long as the mobile line is on a Nigerian Telecommunications Network. The USSD option can be accessed by dialling *35131*19# on the 9mobile network and *55500*19# on all other networks and following the onscreen prompts to verify results.

It said that the first 30,000 result verification will be free, courtesy of the Lagos State Government with subsequent verification expected to attract N50 per usage for the user/client.

The statement partly reads, ‘’The Lagos State COVID-19 Result Verification App can be downloaded through Google Store, Apple Store or directly through the internet, using the link It will utilise the laboratory reference number to verify the COVID-19 PCR test, validating the result real-time and passengers can download their result sheets, which can be shown to anyone requiring it.

‘’The App version can be used and accessed within and outside of Nigeria but unlike the USSD, does not require a Nigerian Telecommunications Network. It is available once it is downloaded and the internet is available. It is noteworthy to mention that verification through the App is free at all times.

‘’The process can be used by all clients who require the validation of COVID-19 PCR results, such as Airports, Airlines, Work-related processes and passengers themselves. The Lagos State Government would also be placing personnel at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport to assist in the verification process of the COVID-19 PCR results for all outbound passengers.’

The Lagos State Government said that it continues to frown at the falsification of Covid-19 PCR test results, warning that anyone caught in this illegal practice will be prosecuted.

The State Government also said that it will continue to strengthen its response against this pandemic to protect the lives and livelihood of all Lagosians and residents.

What you should know

  • The re-opening of the economy, and all borders including the airports, had coincided with a surge in the number of Covid-19 infections across the country.
  • This has made it increasingly necessary for outbound passengers to take Covid-19 PCR tests before departing Nigeria as a prerequisite for travel to specific destinations. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous elements have taken advantage of the situation to enrich themselves by falsifying Covid-19 PCR results and selling them to passengers.
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