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Barack Obama announces his new memoir, A Promised Land, will be out in November 2020



Former President Barack Obama’s long-awaited presidential memoir is coming this November.

The former US President made the book announcement on Instagram on Thursday morning. He said the book will be released on November 17.

The book is titled “A Promised Land – The Presidential Memoirs, Vol. 1.”

Sharing a photo of the book, he wrote: “There’s no feeling like finishing a book, and I’m proud of this one.

“I’ve spent the last few years reflecting on my presidency, and in A Promised Land I’ve tried to provide an honest accounting of my presidential campaign and my time in office: the key events and people who shaped it, my take on what I got right and the mistakes I made, and the political, economic, and cultural forces that my team and I had to confront then—and that as a nation we are grappling with still.

“In the book, I’ve also tried to give readers a sense of the personal journey that Michelle and I went through during those years, with all the incredible highs and lows. And finally, at a time when America is going through such enormous upheaval, the book offers some of my broader thoughts on how we can heal the divisions in our country going forward and make our democracy work for everybody—a task that won’t depend on any single president, but on all of us as engaged citizens.

“Along with being a fun and informative read, I hope more than anything that the book inspires young people across the country—and around the globe—to take up the baton, lift up their voices, and play their part in remaking the world for the better.”

The 768-page book will be issued simultaneously in 25 languages in markets around the world. The US hardback edition will cost $45, while the digital edition will cost $17.99. The audio version will cost $40.00 for a download and $65.00 for a CD. It is being published by Crown, a imprint of Penguin Random House.

The book covers the period starting with his early political career up through his first election and early years in the Oval Office. It concludes with the successful operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” was published in 2018 and was a huge best seller. The Obamas together were reportedly paid a $65 million advance for their memoirs by Penguin Random House.

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Data Battle: MTN gains 1.69 million subscribers, as Airtel dusts Glo, 9mobile in July

Airtel recovered from the drop recorded in June when it took over its second place from Glo.



Nigeria’s telecommunication landscape witnessed another high level of competition in terms of the data war among operators, as subscribers exercised their power of ‘free entry and free exit’ in July 2020 to abandon some network providers for preferred networks.

According to data released by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) for the month of July 2020, while Nigeria’s largest mobile telecommunication company, MTN, gained 1.69 million data subscribers, Airtel successfully edged out Glo in terms of data subscriber numbers, as the telco added 1.49 million subscribers over the indigenous brand.

Back story: In June 2020, A source reported that Glo attracted more subscribers, outshining Airtel (subscriber base) for the first time in years. Despite a challenging year for Globacom in terms of its data subscriber base, the telco took industry watchers by surprise, as its subscriber base number chased, met and overtook Airtel’s In June 2020.

For the first time in years, the once second largest telco (subscribers base) lost its position to the indigenous company as the latter increased its base from 34.24 million in May to 37.97 million by the end of June 2020. The Indian-owned telco only managed to increase its base from 37.32 million to 37.57 million within the same period.

On the other hand, 9mobile ended the month without attracting any data subscriber. According to the NCC data, 9mobile continues its steady decline, as a total of 16,000 subscribers dumped the network for others when it fell from 7.26 million subscribers to 7.10 million within the same period.

MTN still leads the pack 

Competition among three of Nigeria’s largest data sellers took different turns in July, as Airtel recovered from the drop recorded in June when it took over its second-place position from Glo. It is important to note that in June 2020, about 249,000 data subscribers dumped Airtel for other networks, a development that made Glo take over the second place from the brand.

Meanwhile, in a complete twist of events, at the end of July 2020, the total number of data subscribers on MTN data network rose from 60.60 million in June to 62.29 million in July, followed by Airtel data network, which rose from 37.56 million to 39.05 million. This means the telcos added 1.69 million and 1.49 million data subscribers, respectively.

In its own case, Glo managed to increase its subscriber base by 285,014 from 37.97 million to 38.25 million within the same period.

However, 9mobile has consistently shed its subscriber base for several months. According to the NCC data, 9mobile continues its steady decline, as a total of 1.81 million subscribers dumped the network for others in 2019. Between January and July 2020, 902,574 internet subscribers dumped the GSM company, a drop from 8.04 million in January to 7.14 million subscribers by the end of July 2020.

Internet remains slow in Nigeria despite the global return to the pre-COVID-19 level

In its recent report in tracking COVID-19’s Impact on Global Internet Performance, which was updated in July 2020, Speed Test found that internet speeds in most countries have stabilized to pre-pandemic levels.

However, it stated that in the case of Nigeria, while the global fixed speed increased by 5%, the African giant’s speed was rated -2% and her mobile speed change at -3%.

Also, It was reported earlier that years down the line, Nigeria is still faced with poor internet quality. In a recent survey conducted on 4G services in 77 countries including Nigeria, Network monitoring outfit, Opensignal, concluded that congestion is messing with the 4G user experience. Nigeria ranked 75 out of 77 of the countries surveyed in terms of 4G speed.

According to Opensignal, the 4G networks enjoyed today are light-years from the 3G that kicked off the mobile data revolution at the turn of the millennium, but the networks have their faults. The biggest among them is inconsistency and congestion.

In all, while GSM companies continue to jostle for market share, it has often come at the expense of poor service and lack of accountability. Quite frankly, as an average internet user in Nigeria, one is usually left at the mercy of poor mobile internet services which frustrate one to seek limited alternatives.

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