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Spouse seeks US intervention as Binance top executive lingers in FG’s custody



he spouse of a detained senior official at Binance, the cryptocurrency trading platform, has reached out to the U.S. Congressional delegation in Nigeria, requesting their intervention for the release of her husband, Tigran Gambaryan.  

Yuki Gambaryan, spouse of the detained Tigran Gambaryan, appealed to the visiting US delegation to urge Nigerian authorities for his release, amid a sweeping government crackdown on cryptocurrency activities. 

Recall that Senator Cory Booker, leading a U.S. Senate delegation, met with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja earlier this week to discuss mutual interests between both countries and the state of democracy in Africa. 

Meanwhile, It was learnt that the agenda of the visit possibly covered requests to the federal government for the release of the Binance senior official. 

  • “For more than 30 days, the Nigerian government held my husband without charging him of any crime. Then they charged him with being responsible for the unsubstantiated actions of his employer rather than having negotiations with the company in a manner in line with international norms.  
  • “Tigran is renowned worldwide for his dedication to collaborating with governments and stakeholders to combat financial crimes. This is an issue that Nigeria should be discussing with the company’s ownership and leadership.  
  • “Simply put, my husband is being held as blackmail. As these Members of Congress are traveling across Nigeria, I am calling on them to push the Nigerians to release Tigran and continue their investigation through appropriate channels directly with Binance,” Yuki Gambaryan told the U.S delegates.  

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